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Cleaning up and getting out!

Cleaning out the closets, sweeping up the dust, going through the clothes and changing to a new location....

All of the things my brother will now need to do since he got married in FL on Saturday! What else were you thinking?

May I say that flying private jets down for the event was the highlight of the whole thing and if you have a spare 14 mil I would receommend it highly!!! Not to mention two of the coolest pilots in the world - Captn' Jack and Cecil :) When they say that there are things that money can't buy, I 'm not sure they know what they're talking about because having a jet and two pilots at your disposal is one heck of a luxury.....for the firat time in my life I can finally see a reason to try to become filthy rich!

That being said - my brother is incredibly happy and so am I! Pictures to come soon...
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