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MRF and fun!

So - it's been a while since my last post but things have been crazy. Steve is going to China for business, my work is super busy and I've been in rehersal forever!!

Rae is helping me with my costume. She and I have been sewing and sewing. We are making everything historical, except for the fact that I used a sewing machine to do some of the seams, but all of the buttons are handmade, the lacing holes are hand done and finished and all of the bias tape was handmade and hand stiched, as well as all of the trim. All of that, not to mention the hand cartridge pleating and finishing of the skirt and the hand sewn and embellished hat! Of course I found out that it didn't need to be THAT accurate last Saturday, but if I'm going to do it, I might as well do it right. At least now I can wear it to Bristol....

TCN is now officially in charge of the feast at MRF!!! Yeah!!! It's a great gig and we will be doing two feasts a day every day.....whew! On the plus side the shows will be fun and our members are getting to do some pretty creative stuff because of the set up of the inside of the castle. The best part is the food, but that won't really matter to me since I'm a veggie and the meal is mostly good meat :) I can't wait to fight again with MollyJess and LillyJess from Silverleaf. I haven't really had a chance to see MollyJess since she came back from FL. Hopefully we can all work soemthing up togehter once they escape the temporary 'clutches' of KOI out at Silverleaf.

It's going to be crazy becuase so many of our TCN folks are on cast for the Fight Team and we're being directed by Tom, formerly of ROS, that we are going to have to figure out how we can get all of our fiights in and still have time to give Tom the fights he deserves. It'll work out well, but I'm kind've freaking out about the sheer physical exertion of it. On the plus side I've already lost a fair amount and am still losing more.. I would say that was great, but every time do Rae and I have to move the holes on my corset :(

Ah well...I'm off and running...
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Sounds like you're going to have a REALLY cool costume! Will we get to see pictures when it's done?

The MRF thing sounds awesome. I'm sure you guys will put together an awesome show. Wish I could be there to see it. :)
yaaaay! don't worry, I'm all in for the feast, as soon as I get back, a week from Wednesday. By then my fire fingers should have arrived, but I'm also always up for fighting, of course. :)
I can't wait to see your costume! sounds great!

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If you really believe that then I would check with him again. He hasn't been out to Ring since New years, but he's at TCN every week.......HMMMMM, I WONDER.....

If he was still with Ring don't you thnik you guys might have been involved in fight team, or the feast, or the fight vingettes.....or how about a real easy answer....Check with Heather since she asked Michelle about this a month ago and Michelle told her point blank that they weren't coming back. I would check your facts, check with Tom and get it straight:)

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Well I asked him last weekend and he said no - so I wonder who he's lying to - you or me?