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Practice, practice, practice...

We had a good session on Tuesday with lots of folks showing up to prepare for our next two upcoming shows this year. I took some photos so folks could see themselves working, and get some face time, on my journal :) Again - great thanks to Anne for working with me and to all of the new and ol-new folks who are continuing to come out. Jess has made it back in and it's good to see her! Hopefully she'll use her extensive martial arts teaching experience to get us all kicking butt soon...

I don't have any pics of Chapman and Smitty (they were outside and my camera died) but hope to put their faces here soon too!

So here are the photos - and I look forward to seeing you all out in Ann Arbor on Sunday!

Peter, Ken, Anne and Paul all work on the new fights!

Jess & Jim work on getting up to speed under Russ' watchful eye.

Paul goes epic on Anne's a**
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