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Photo update! Smitty and more!!!

As promised, I now have photos of Tracey and Smitty! I didn't have my camerea last night, but Ken brought his so I could get the pictures and post them as promised (see guys...I kept it!).

We worked kind of late last night, but got started a little late, so I guess it all balanced out.

I know I'm not necessarily looking forward to being out in 40 degree weather on Sunday, but it should be sunny (I hope) and hey, at least I'm fighting! It could be worse - I swear....

Ken and I worked on a fight that Smitty and Russ wrote and I'm not sure if we're actually getting it, or if we just changed it to suit ourselves. We'll see. Hopefully once we all get it learned we can switch partners back and forth (hey...that didn't come out like I expected...oh shut up Keith!)

So here, coming to a theatre near you and (barring Smitty siching his agent on me - yeah, right!) here are the pics!

Tracey's buying it, but Smitty keeps givin' me the hairy eyeball...

Jim's thinking "What the heck was that footwork move..." while Gary keeps trying to cheat off the girl behind him...nice Gary!

Bree's back, but no Kate tonight!

"Hey guys, I swear, I just wanted to play through...."
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