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Shameless self promotion.....

Here is a little shameless self promotion. Hey - if I can't promote me and my friends on my own live journal then who can I promote! The phots are from the Ann Arbor gig (taken by thier photographer) and from the MI Renaissance Festival performances this year.

All I can say is "ewwww"

Russ and Gary - I love the blue shirt!

So Russ is coming over tonight to do Halloween w/Steve & me and we're hoping for really good weather. It was great yesterday so hopefully our luck holds out. Ken told me the costume bow shoot went well yesterday and I'm disappointed I couldn't make it, but honest to god - I careved my pumpkins last night and they were over 1 1/2 inches thick! It me fricking forever to get them to look good, but it looks like it worked out. Can't wait to see all the little kiddies - I love all the costumes in our neighborhood and we have lots of little neighbor kids who are just really sweet :)

Talk to you later and have a happy Halloween!!!
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