dakinigirl (dakinigirl) wrote,

Movie shoot last night.

Last nights shoot was tons o' fun, but it ran really late. I feel really lucky that I actually got out of there at 10:30 - chimingsword said that he wasn't out of there until 1:00 am - whew! Had fun doing what I love doing - sword fighting and fire stuff. Ken and I did a steel-on-flaming-broadsword fight out in the snow. I was told that it looked actually pretty cool, but man - sliding around on the ice and snow with flames in your hand is a scary moment. Many thanks to Paul, Russ and Kat for the fire spotting work!

Now the push begins for new years...here we go! It seems like the performance season never ends, but that's a good thing - I think.....

Got to go! Some of us have to work :)
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