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Totally Sweet New Year's

It was a totally sweet New Year's and the shows went great. Looks like we've got another set of gigs for next year already (for those keeping track - that's 4 and counting!). I was sick as a dog but did the show and managed to not set myself on fire. Ring of Steel be damned! I love the fire stuff and so do audiences :) Can't wait for Ren faire season to do some more....

If you want to see pictures go to our website or to our best bud - Keith's site at Shadow Steel. The show he and Tom did for New Year's was really funny! Love the sight gag and I was suprised how they fit it in - I wasn't sure when I heard about it, but it worked when they did it.

If you want more details - join us on the Dragon March website. Contrary to popular notion it never ended, we just took the Ring folks out of it...yey!

Steve was there for all of the shows. He finally got to see the flaming broadsowrds and was really impressed (and a litle frightened.) I'm still waiting to see all of the photos and videos that were being taken. We had two videographers and a bunch of photographers taking pictures, so we should have some decent shots. We got several compliments on the choreography that Ken did for the flaming broadsword fight, as well as the fight in the pirate show that Russ did. I had forgotten what great choreographers they both were...after all I can't think of anyone else who has EVER done a 4 minute fight other than Russ... not even Chris, and the last thing that I saw Chris do really sucked. Of course that may be because he uses the same tricks over and over....whereas we now have to be completely new and creative.

Krista and Nick came out to see us and we got to see thier little one who is sooo cute I can't believe it. Krista looks great and I'm hoping she has an easy time with her newst addition :)

Amy came out to see us and stayed the night. It was good to see her again and I was glad she stopped by. I don't get to see her much anymore since i left Ring, but I always liked her and had a lot of respect for her personally as well as her fighting. Margaret also visted, but had to leave early :( Hope to see her again soon as I miss her much.
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