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Tina and Ken's Morally Ambiguous Plan

No...it's not what you think, but isn't that a righteous title? Hooked you in I bet! We do have one for TCN - but it's not that exciting (I am so totally lying...). On other notes, I got a great performance opportunity in two weeks for some fire stuff at a ritzy private party - yeah me (and TCN by extension)! There is some really fun stuff on the horizon and I think that if I get any more busy at work and at TCn I am going to go crazy. We are now into the performance seasn at TCN and things are gearing up, even though they never really geared down. I am eternally grateful to all of the folks who use their expertise to help me and the group out - especailly the underappreciated "minion" - you know who you are! We are now oficially a business - legally and everything else, so there is no turing back (like any of us want to...).

Work is crazy busy, but there are some really great things happening and management promotions opeing up so I am excited. Soon my coworker will be back from leave, but I 'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I've gotten used to doing her job and mine, so I am worried things will seem less "exciting" when she gets back.

Steve's business (both of them) are doing well and we are heading out to AZ in March to do both a little vaca and some business work. I think he's glad, but it's always more time that you think it will be. The house we bought across the street is great and I am having lots of fun with the "Germans". I will be sad to see them go in a few years....but we're now lookign at also buying the house next to us and the house across the street from my parents, so who knows what will happen in the future!

My dad and I are going to the auto show next week - it's the yearly Daddy-Daughter thing we've been doing since before I can remember and I'm soo excited. It's always fun to go with him and I have always bee a "car" girl. He's super busy even though he's retired now and still running his other businesses.

I can't wait to see the pictures that were taken for us and I think we already have stuff posted on the MySpace accounts, so if you want to see me, my friends, ShadowSteel and TCN in action go to www.myspace.com/theatricalcombat. We also now have a promo dvd with a media pack if you're interested...just drop us a line! I'm looking for ward to having Tom do some more with us and with the additioanl local practices I'm hoping I see more of him. He's been crazy busy from what I understand, but I think that's going around - kind've like a bad cold :) Oh - many thanks to Amy for coming out again before she went back to school. I had also forgotten how much fun she can be. It's amazing to see how much she's changed from just being the shy person that she was....I keep wondering how one manages to be a "fighting" prater?

Ah well....nuff' musing for now...back to the work!
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