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It sure is warm in here...
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Thursday, July 12th, 2007
1:21 pm
MRF and fun!
So - it's been a while since my last post but things have been crazy. Steve is going to China for business, my work is super busy and I've been in rehersal forever!!

Rae is helping me with my costume. She and I have been sewing and sewing. We are making everything historical, except for the fact that I used a sewing machine to do some of the seams, but all of the buttons are handmade, the lacing holes are hand done and finished and all of the bias tape was handmade and hand stiched, as well as all of the trim. All of that, not to mention the hand cartridge pleating and finishing of the skirt and the hand sewn and embellished hat! Of course I found out that it didn't need to be THAT accurate last Saturday, but if I'm going to do it, I might as well do it right. At least now I can wear it to Bristol....

TCN is now officially in charge of the feast at MRF!!! Yeah!!! It's a great gig and we will be doing two feasts a day every day.....whew! On the plus side the shows will be fun and our members are getting to do some pretty creative stuff because of the set up of the inside of the castle. The best part is the food, but that won't really matter to me since I'm a veggie and the meal is mostly good meat :) I can't wait to fight again with MollyJess and LillyJess from Silverleaf. I haven't really had a chance to see MollyJess since she came back from FL. Hopefully we can all work soemthing up togehter once they escape the temporary 'clutches' of KOI out at Silverleaf.

It's going to be crazy becuase so many of our TCN folks are on cast for the Fight Team and we're being directed by Tom, formerly of ROS, that we are going to have to figure out how we can get all of our fiights in and still have time to give Tom the fights he deserves. It'll work out well, but I'm kind've freaking out about the sheer physical exertion of it. On the plus side I've already lost a fair amount and am still losing more.. I would say that was great, but every time do Rae and I have to move the holes on my corset :(

Ah well...I'm off and running...

Current Mood: awake
Thursday, May 31st, 2007
10:04 am
Cleaning up and getting out!
Cleaning out the closets, sweeping up the dust, going through the clothes and changing to a new location....

All of the things my brother will now need to do since he got married in FL on Saturday! What else were you thinking?

May I say that flying private jets down for the event was the highlight of the whole thing and if you have a spare 14 mil I would receommend it highly!!! Not to mention two of the coolest pilots in the world - Captn' Jack and Cecil :) When they say that there are things that money can't buy, I 'm not sure they know what they're talking about because having a jet and two pilots at your disposal is one heck of a luxury.....for the firat time in my life I can finally see a reason to try to become filthy rich!

That being said - my brother is incredibly happy and so am I! Pictures to come soon...

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Friday, April 20th, 2007
12:46 pm
Michigan Renaissance Festival - lots of good, lots of Fire (Whee!), lots of fun and all good!!! Great parts and several more shows in the works!

Get the lead out - that is all....
Thursday, January 25th, 2007
1:53 pm
Finally! It's Done...Sort Of........
Looks like we have our demo dvd finally done! Yeah ...and great cheering was heard form all......! The footage was supposedly good enough from the shows and the photos from the cd's that were done for us combined to make a decent demo dvd for us to send out to our potential clients. Hopefully if I don't get squashed with work at work (duh!) then I will get those out this week to all of the folks who were waiting. If it were just one or two that'd be fine, but I am just not in a position to "whip off" six of these demo and media packs. Ugh! Hey - if it gets us work, I'm happy. Not to mention that it only took less than a month, as opposed to ...say...3-4 years...yeah you know what I mean!

I'm kind've disappointed and relieved that Keith's seminar in Toledo was postponed. I really wanted to work with him, but I am in no condition to be teaching and I was just going to be dragging my tush through it all. I've been sick now for 15 days and counting. Two antibiotics and tons of kleenex later, I think I'm finally improving :)but really - it's disgusting....

I'm in the exciting anticipation phase of getting ready for Arizona coming up at the end of Feb. It sounds like it's going to be a much more active trip than previous years, especially with Steve and the folks that we are all going to meet with for his business. I can't wait to meet some of them, as they sound pretty cool....Steve promised me this year we could go horseback riding through the Acoma Ruins, so I'm really looking forward to the trip. That and I need a little time off.....

Anyway.....that's all!
Thursday, January 11th, 2007
1:26 pm
Tina and Ken's Morally Ambiguous Plan
No...it's not what you think, but isn't that a righteous title? Hooked you in I bet! We do have one for TCN - but it's not that exciting (I am so totally lying...). On other notes, I got a great performance opportunity in two weeks for some fire stuff at a ritzy private party - yeah me (and TCN by extension)! There is some really fun stuff on the horizon and I think that if I get any more busy at work and at TCn I am going to go crazy. We are now into the performance seasn at TCN and things are gearing up, even though they never really geared down. I am eternally grateful to all of the folks who use their expertise to help me and the group out - especailly the underappreciated "minion" - you know who you are! We are now oficially a business - legally and everything else, so there is no turing back (like any of us want to...).

Work is crazy busy, but there are some really great things happening and management promotions opeing up so I am excited. Soon my coworker will be back from leave, but I 'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I've gotten used to doing her job and mine, so I am worried things will seem less "exciting" when she gets back.

Steve's business (both of them) are doing well and we are heading out to AZ in March to do both a little vaca and some business work. I think he's glad, but it's always more time that you think it will be. The house we bought across the street is great and I am having lots of fun with the "Germans". I will be sad to see them go in a few years....but we're now lookign at also buying the house next to us and the house across the street from my parents, so who knows what will happen in the future!

My dad and I are going to the auto show next week - it's the yearly Daddy-Daughter thing we've been doing since before I can remember and I'm soo excited. It's always fun to go with him and I have always bee a "car" girl. He's super busy even though he's retired now and still running his other businesses.

I can't wait to see the pictures that were taken for us and I think we already have stuff posted on the MySpace accounts, so if you want to see me, my friends, ShadowSteel and TCN in action go to www.myspace.com/theatricalcombat. We also now have a promo dvd with a media pack if you're interested...just drop us a line! I'm looking for ward to having Tom do some more with us and with the additioanl local practices I'm hoping I see more of him. He's been crazy busy from what I understand, but I think that's going around - kind've like a bad cold :) Oh - many thanks to Amy for coming out again before she went back to school. I had also forgotten how much fun she can be. It's amazing to see how much she's changed from just being the shy person that she was....I keep wondering how one manages to be a "fighting" prater?

Ah well....nuff' musing for now...back to the work!

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Monday, January 8th, 2007
10:37 am
Totally Sweet New Year's
It was a totally sweet New Year's and the shows went great. Looks like we've got another set of gigs for next year already (for those keeping track - that's 4 and counting!). I was sick as a dog but did the show and managed to not set myself on fire. Ring of Steel be damned! I love the fire stuff and so do audiences :) Can't wait for Ren faire season to do some more....

If you want to see pictures go to our website or to our best bud - Keith's site at Shadow Steel. The show he and Tom did for New Year's was really funny! Love the sight gag and I was suprised how they fit it in - I wasn't sure when I heard about it, but it worked when they did it.

If you want more details - join us on the Dragon March website. Contrary to popular notion it never ended, we just took the Ring folks out of it...yey!

Steve was there for all of the shows. He finally got to see the flaming broadsowrds and was really impressed (and a litle frightened.) I'm still waiting to see all of the photos and videos that were being taken. We had two videographers and a bunch of photographers taking pictures, so we should have some decent shots. We got several compliments on the choreography that Ken did for the flaming broadsword fight, as well as the fight in the pirate show that Russ did. I had forgotten what great choreographers they both were...after all I can't think of anyone else who has EVER done a 4 minute fight other than Russ... not even Chris, and the last thing that I saw Chris do really sucked. Of course that may be because he uses the same tricks over and over....whereas we now have to be completely new and creative.

Krista and Nick came out to see us and we got to see thier little one who is sooo cute I can't believe it. Krista looks great and I'm hoping she has an easy time with her newst addition :)

Amy came out to see us and stayed the night. It was good to see her again and I was glad she stopped by. I don't get to see her much anymore since i left Ring, but I always liked her and had a lot of respect for her personally as well as her fighting. Margaret also visted, but had to leave early :( Hope to see her again soon as I miss her much.
Tuesday, December 5th, 2006
10:03 am
Movie shoot last night.
Last nights shoot was tons o' fun, but it ran really late. I feel really lucky that I actually got out of there at 10:30 - chimingsword said that he wasn't out of there until 1:00 am - whew! Had fun doing what I love doing - sword fighting and fire stuff. Ken and I did a steel-on-flaming-broadsword fight out in the snow. I was told that it looked actually pretty cool, but man - sliding around on the ice and snow with flames in your hand is a scary moment. Many thanks to Paul, Russ and Kat for the fire spotting work!

Now the push begins for new years...here we go! It seems like the performance season never ends, but that's a good thing - I think.....

Got to go! Some of us have to work :)
Friday, December 1st, 2006
11:06 am
Pyrotechnic News Year's Eve!
Oh yea! -

It will be a very Pyrotechnic New Year's Eve for me. We're doing a great show in Ypsilanti for New Year's and I'm hoping that it will go great. It's a little daunting that we have so much to prepare and make look good in such a short period of time.

Thasnkfully we have some good talent and folks who are dedicated to making it happen - it relly hepls - at least I hope so:)

If you're interested in seeing the details, go to www.mlive.com, choose the Ann Arbor News and then search for "pyrotechnics" - you'll find me there!

Work has been crazy busy and we're down a couple of employees, but hopefully all will be corrected by the middle of January. I have to admit - though I'll never really admit it - that it's better to be really busy than slow. There's nothing worse than sitting there all day with little to do.

Stevie's business is doing great, knock on wood, and he's signed two really large clients in the last month so thing are hopefully looking up for him and the business going forward. It's kind of exciting to see how these things get off and rolling. Let's just hope it keeps rolling in the right direction!

On a sad note, our family lost a close family friend and my dad's best friend a few weeks ago to a motorcycle accident. A drunk driver pulled out of a driveway and hit him as he was riding. The really sad part is that he was young (in his 40's) and he has a 16 year old daughter who thought the world of him. My folks are relaly working to help the family out and hopefully with their positive guidance his daughter will make it through ok.

That's all for now - really busy - got to go!

Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
11:45 am
Two great leads!
Had a great Halloween, and besides chimingswords excitement, all went well. I've two great leads into two TOTALLY FAB tall ships festivals for next year!!!! They saw our work for RSC and were impressed. Can you say party and warm weather? I knew you could..... Can't wait to see the scripts for the new pirate shows and stunts....looks like I'm going to have to work on my fexibility and marksmanship :)

Here's three from yesterday night.... the neighbor teens loved it and so did thier folks!

Check out the steam on my tongue!!!!

A smokin' good time! (I can't believe I used that one....)
Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
10:12 am
Shameless self promotion.....
Here is a little shameless self promotion. Hey - if I can't promote me and my friends on my own live journal then who can I promote! The phots are from the Ann Arbor gig (taken by thier photographer) and from the MI Renaissance Festival performances this year.

All I can say is "ewwww"

Russ and Gary - I love the blue shirt!

So Russ is coming over tonight to do Halloween w/Steve & me and we're hoping for really good weather. It was great yesterday so hopefully our luck holds out. Ken told me the costume bow shoot went well yesterday and I'm disappointed I couldn't make it, but honest to god - I careved my pumpkins last night and they were over 1 1/2 inches thick! It me fricking forever to get them to look good, but it looks like it worked out. Can't wait to see all the little kiddies - I love all the costumes in our neighborhood and we have lots of little neighbor kids who are just really sweet :)

Talk to you later and have a happy Halloween!!!

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Monday, October 30th, 2006
10:30 am
Last Day of Ann Arbor Event!
It was the last day of us perfroming in downtown Ann Arbor and it went well1 Thank god it was sunny and (fairly) warm.. I was just sure we were going to have a repeat of last week and freexe our tushies off. I mean for godness sakes - it forever for my bidice to dry out because it got so wet last week - cold, wet suede is not a good thing :0

Of course we had lots of people out (10 I think) and we had fun. I didn't get photos of everyone (sorry Anne) but here are a few. Also - a hearty thank you to Jess and Jess, along with Jim for pulling in realy goos crowds for both R&J shows. You guys were great! We also did a good fire show and got a great response. I was rally suprised that it was so popular - I had a ton of parents and kids asking me afterward where else we were performing, so I let them know our next two upcoming dates. I was also able to get a plug in there for Alan and his place - so hopefully that works for him. Oh - and the cable chanel had their folks out to film us again - I wasn't that suprised to see them since the last time I spoke with the camera man they were mentioning that they wanted to get some additional footage. Hopefylly it all wokrs out really well. Afterwards we all went to Connors and had food and drinks and were joined by some old friends. It was nice to have a chance to see them and talk again :)

Well - here are the photos!

Poor Bruce!

Gary beating the stuffing out of Ken.

Jess & Jess - i'll send you the rest of your pics later!

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Friday, October 27th, 2006
3:49 pm
Photo update! Smitty and more!!!
As promised, I now have photos of Tracey and Smitty! I didn't have my camerea last night, but Ken brought his so I could get the pictures and post them as promised (see guys...I kept it!).

We worked kind of late last night, but got started a little late, so I guess it all balanced out.

I know I'm not necessarily looking forward to being out in 40 degree weather on Sunday, but it should be sunny (I hope) and hey, at least I'm fighting! It could be worse - I swear....

Ken and I worked on a fight that Smitty and Russ wrote and I'm not sure if we're actually getting it, or if we just changed it to suit ourselves. We'll see. Hopefully once we all get it learned we can switch partners back and forth (hey...that didn't come out like I expected...oh shut up Keith!)

So here, coming to a theatre near you and (barring Smitty siching his agent on me - yeah, right!) here are the pics!

Tracey's buying it, but Smitty keeps givin' me the hairy eyeball...

Jim's thinking "What the heck was that footwork move..." while Gary keeps trying to cheat off the girl behind him...nice Gary!

Bree's back, but no Kate tonight!

"Hey guys, I swear, I just wanted to play through...."

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3:33 pm
It's almost November....
It's almost November and I have to now ask the question that so many want to know the answer to..... have things improved financially?

Just wondering....

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Thursday, October 26th, 2006
9:49 am
Practice, practice, practice...
We had a good session on Tuesday with lots of folks showing up to prepare for our next two upcoming shows this year. I took some photos so folks could see themselves working, and get some face time, on my journal :) Again - great thanks to Anne for working with me and to all of the new and ol-new folks who are continuing to come out. Jess has made it back in and it's good to see her! Hopefully she'll use her extensive martial arts teaching experience to get us all kicking butt soon...

I don't have any pics of Chapman and Smitty (they were outside and my camera died) but hope to put their faces here soon too!

So here are the photos - and I look forward to seeing you all out in Ann Arbor on Sunday!

Peter, Ken, Anne and Paul all work on the new fights!

Jess & Jim work on getting up to speed under Russ' watchful eye.

Paul goes epic on Anne's a**

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Monday, October 23rd, 2006
9:55 am
It was really cold and rainy on Sunday and Ellie told us we didn't have to perform (even though she paid us) and we told her we would anyway. We weren't able to do the Shakespeare show (that will have to wait until this weekend), but we did do two hours of fire sword performances, street theatre and wandering skits. It was actaully really fun even though it was cold because the folks in the shops really got into it. They would even come out and watch us on the street. The funniest moment had to have been when Ken, Russ andGary were performing and the entire waitstaff of one of the resturants coame out and stood there to watch us. They were hiliarious in their black pants, white dress shirts and the aprons.

So - even though it was cold and rainy, it was really cool! No pun intended...

The second funniest thing was when Anne and I did a fight and I got to push her face down into a set of potted plants. We did the "wow - a face plant" joke and the crowd laughed. It has been fun fighting with her and I can't wait to get more up and running. The cable folks did interviews and ran video of Ken and I doing fire broadswords, Russ and Peter doing a katana fight and I think they also got me and Anne fighting. After that the photographer followed us around for about an hour and did more photos. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out...but either way, it was terriffic to be out there fighting and running around as opposed to just sitting and doing nothing on a weekend.

Also on a positive note - we had eight fighters who came out and every single person who wanted to fight got to more than twice! Actually I think everyone got to fight several times... It was really a testament to the fact that the members have a dedication and enthusiasim about what we are doing. For them to show up when it was cold an rainy and be excited was great.


Afterwards we all went to Connor's and had drinks and dinner. It was nice to be together and share some good fod and good conversation. I'll send you all copies of the pictures when I get them developed tomorrow.

See you all later!!!

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Friday, October 20th, 2006
7:50 pm
This should work!
Here is one last try at the photos!

My flaming member is large and powerful!

And so is mine...ha, ha! I can see your sword is as big as mine, but how well do you use it...

I am so going to kick your butt!


Keith & Ken and the spiral of doom....


And last but not least - if you want to see the videos of me and Keith fighting emial me and I'll send them out to you!!
4:48 pm
Fire with Ken and Keith
Things went great last night and we had a ton of people. It's good to see that we're getting a fiar number of folks coming out to be with us every week and really work on having fun and coming up with fights. The prepping for this weeked and for our upcoming shows over the next few moths has been really hectic, but everyone seems to be pitching in and working hard. Thank you to all of you who are working with us, new folks and old, you know who you are and you're all great! Smitty and T.C. are back and hopefully here to stay. I watched them working up a new fight last night and it was scary how fast they got going and how good it looked. It was really the first chance I have had to see T.C. at work, because he left Ring before I started. Everything I heard was true, he's a good fighter!

Keith (ShadowSteel), Ken and I all worked out with the fire swords last night and got some interesting fight ideas started. Keith of course said he singed his own eyebrows, but he's just being a girl ;). Again, many many thnaks to Jim and Kate for all of their work in capturing this stuff for us. Jim for the photos, Ken for the quick upload (sweet!) and to Kate for keeping us lit and fueled up! BTW, Kate is fun to fight with. She really creative on the details and it's nice to have yet another fight partner to have things up and running with (and another girl no less).

So here it is - just the photos folks!

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1:15 pm
Let's try it again
Ok - one more try!

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
11:19 am
Fire Broadsword Photos
Jim took some great photos and I wante dot put them on the site. They are of Ken and me fighting from last Thursday. Note that the swords look weird becasue they're not fully fueled. We did a test run with them partially fueled so we could come up with the basic safety guidelines for use. Either way, fully fueled or not, they ROCK!

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Tuesday, October 17th, 2006
9:34 am
TV News Coverage for TCN!!
I just got a message informing us that CTN (the local cable TV channel) wants to come out and film our stuff this coming Sunday and get a "sound bit" of some kind. Can't wait to have them there and the organizers of the MSAA have informed us that they are going to "make sure that RSC knows when we are performing"! Wonder if that means that Sir Stewart will know too....hmmmm....well, I know it's a long shot, but a girl can dream can't she!

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