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Fire with Ken and Keith

Things went great last night and we had a ton of people. It's good to see that we're getting a fiar number of folks coming out to be with us every week and really work on having fun and coming up with fights. The prepping for this weeked and for our upcoming shows over the next few moths has been really hectic, but everyone seems to be pitching in and working hard. Thank you to all of you who are working with us, new folks and old, you know who you are and you're all great! Smitty and T.C. are back and hopefully here to stay. I watched them working up a new fight last night and it was scary how fast they got going and how good it looked. It was really the first chance I have had to see T.C. at work, because he left Ring before I started. Everything I heard was true, he's a good fighter!

Keith (ShadowSteel), Ken and I all worked out with the fire swords last night and got some interesting fight ideas started. Keith of course said he singed his own eyebrows, but he's just being a girl ;). Again, many many thnaks to Jim and Kate for all of their work in capturing this stuff for us. Jim for the photos, Ken for the quick upload (sweet!) and to Kate for keeping us lit and fueled up! BTW, Kate is fun to fight with. She really creative on the details and it's nice to have yet another fight partner to have things up and running with (and another girl no less).

So here it is - just the photos folks!

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