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Pyrotechnic News Year's Eve!

Oh yea! -

It will be a very Pyrotechnic New Year's Eve for me. We're doing a great show in Ypsilanti for New Year's and I'm hoping that it will go great. It's a little daunting that we have so much to prepare and make look good in such a short period of time.

Thasnkfully we have some good talent and folks who are dedicated to making it happen - it relly hepls - at least I hope so:)

If you're interested in seeing the details, go to www.mlive.com, choose the Ann Arbor News and then search for "pyrotechnics" - you'll find me there!

Work has been crazy busy and we're down a couple of employees, but hopefully all will be corrected by the middle of January. I have to admit - though I'll never really admit it - that it's better to be really busy than slow. There's nothing worse than sitting there all day with little to do.

Stevie's business is doing great, knock on wood, and he's signed two really large clients in the last month so thing are hopefully looking up for him and the business going forward. It's kind of exciting to see how these things get off and rolling. Let's just hope it keeps rolling in the right direction!

On a sad note, our family lost a close family friend and my dad's best friend a few weeks ago to a motorcycle accident. A drunk driver pulled out of a driveway and hit him as he was riding. The really sad part is that he was young (in his 40's) and he has a 16 year old daughter who thought the world of him. My folks are relaly working to help the family out and hopefully with their positive guidance his daughter will make it through ok.

That's all for now - really busy - got to go!
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