dakinigirl (dakinigirl) wrote,

Finally! It's Done...Sort Of........

Looks like we have our demo dvd finally done! Yeah ...and great cheering was heard form all......! The footage was supposedly good enough from the shows and the photos from the cd's that were done for us combined to make a decent demo dvd for us to send out to our potential clients. Hopefully if I don't get squashed with work at work (duh!) then I will get those out this week to all of the folks who were waiting. If it were just one or two that'd be fine, but I am just not in a position to "whip off" six of these demo and media packs. Ugh! Hey - if it gets us work, I'm happy. Not to mention that it only took less than a month, as opposed to ...say...3-4 years...yeah you know what I mean!

I'm kind've disappointed and relieved that Keith's seminar in Toledo was postponed. I really wanted to work with him, but I am in no condition to be teaching and I was just going to be dragging my tush through it all. I've been sick now for 15 days and counting. Two antibiotics and tons of kleenex later, I think I'm finally improving :)but really - it's disgusting....

I'm in the exciting anticipation phase of getting ready for Arizona coming up at the end of Feb. It sounds like it's going to be a much more active trip than previous years, especially with Steve and the folks that we are all going to meet with for his business. I can't wait to meet some of them, as they sound pretty cool....Steve promised me this year we could go horseback riding through the Acoma Ruins, so I'm really looking forward to the trip. That and I need a little time off.....

Anyway.....that's all!
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